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Impossible Creations’ 3D CAD Service helps you get the best out of 3D design and creation

With our 3D CAD service, we can help you create amazing designs and bring them to life. Impossible Creations can scan, model and create your CAD designs all in one process, meaning you only ever have to go to one place, saving you time and money.

Featured Client Projects

Here a few of the major projects that we have undertaken, see what our 3D CAD service can help you create:

Jewelry Designer Tara Kirkpatrick Stag Collection

Tara came to us in July/August this year with an idea to create stags heads for her latest jewelry collection launched this week. We named the stag Jack after his knowledge of the Haptic Device & Freeform design skills helped Tara achieve this.

Giant HMV Dog

We had great fun scanning the original Nipper and creating the CAD model for Sculpture Studio to create the giant 5m tall Nipper the HMV dog, created to go outside the old vinyl factory in Hayes. 3D cut from polystyrene / styrofoam, covered with a blanket coat of glass fibre with a resin flow coat finish and painted.

Flaekt Woods Smoke Extractor Display Model

917 Porsche

917 Porsche – hand built by Dave Eaton; we’ve recently completed bespoke production parts of the dash panel dual vent duct and the fuel filler mounting & drain cup

The Kings Car – Overton Vehicle Overhauls

Impossible Creations has played an integral role in the design and development of the reproduction of the Britannia-upon-Globe Mascot which featured on a Rolls Royce RF 14 commissioned by the Prince of Wales. – See more here

Overton Vehicle Overhauls

Featured in October’s issue of Majesty Magazine –

FREEFLY VR virtual reality headset

The very high resolution resin print by Impossible Creations allowed LUMA-iD to check the functions of the Freefly in more detail before embarking on tooling. Read the full DEVELOP 3D cover story here. – See more here

Vista Light – Pump House Project

Vista Light produced full lighting layouts & supplied the lighting on the Pump House Project featured on the television program Restoration Man. Matt & Ali also wanted a special pendant, Matt had kept 1500 of his empty insulin vials. We developed the CAD model in order that Vista Light could turn it into a bespoke chandelier, using custom made fibre optics & LED source.

Check out some of our other client’s projects:


Horndon Industrial Park
Suite 8 Churchill House
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