3D Modelling

3D modelling company that can bring your designs to life.

Are you looking to create a design in 3D or do you need to alter one? As a 3d modelling company with many years’ experience, Impossible Creations, can take your new designs, existing CAD files or 3D scanned objects and change them to match your new requirements. We can take prototype design and create fully editable CAD files.

CAD Modelling Software

Offering a design team with over 300 years of experience in automotive body design and mechanical engineering we have the capability to support even the most challenging projects. Our in-house CAD software of Solidworks, Freeform and Spaceclaim allows us to design CAD models with a high level of sophistication. We can complete research and development services for your products utilising 3D technologies or offer supplemental CAD design resources to support your own in-house design teams.

Geomagic Freeform Haptic Device

The Geomagic Freeform Haptic Device – a multi-purpose design platform that lets us create complex, sculptural, production-ready 3D models, and quickly prepare them for 3D Printing, or mould and die manufacturing.

It allows us to accelerate design times, improve accuracy and virtually guarantee moldability with a wide range of tools for analysing and creating mould cavities and cores, inserts and sliders, and complex parting geometries directly from a 3D model.

Tools include no-fail shelling, draft analysis and correction tools, thickness analysis, mould cavity and core extraction functions.
The robust file import and export formats allow us to easily integrate sculpted designs with traditional CAD models and converts STL data to NURBS.

Freeform gives us the capacity to design organic shaped components such as detailed handles, human features and unique shapes of non-geometric data, followed by 3D Printing the designs in ABS plastic for functional parts or as a mould pattern in ProCast acrylic.

Now we have created your 3D model.

Impossible Creations isn’t just a 3D modelling company, we can create your new CAD design with our 3D printing service, ready for you to demonstrate it or display it to you customers. It all part of our complete 3D design and creation package.


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