The Process

From a 3D design service to full creation of your product, Impossible Creations offer the complete package.

Do you want to test aerodynamics of a new car design and create small scale prototype or are you looking to create a scale model of a new housing build to show your clients? At Impossible Creations, we provide a full 3D design and creation process. Using your original sketches or an existing object, we can create a CAD design, either traditionally or using our 3D scanner to replicate an object in our 3D design software. Once we have the 3D design, we are then able to manipulate it in any way you need.

The Process

From your sketch, photograph or original item a CAD model is created which, after your approval, is ‘printed’ on a 3D printer. 3D printing technology manufactures the model layer by layer in ABS plastic, a robust and commonly used material which can then be finished by sanding, painting, gluing etc., or even metallicised to create a chrome, gold or bronze effect – all at a realistic end cost.

There are no limitations to what can be produced by CAD or the 3D printer technology, your imagination is the only limit. Your location is not a problem either – data transfer via the Internet or secure ftp sites can be used if confidentiality is an issue.

Fields and industries our 3D process and rapid prototyping can benefit?

  • Automotive Development
  • Aerospace, Dental and Medical fields
  • Film industry, Retail display & Jewellery
  • Functional component prototyping
  • Custom modelling
  • Custom promotional and marketing displays
  • Engineering/tool making companies
  • Education – creation of coursework for product design student


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