3D Scanning

3D scanning company that offers the complete package

What do you need bringing to life? Whether you have an arts project or you need to reverse engineer some vital components, Impossible Creations is a 3D scanning company that can take your object, Laser scan it and recreate it in a CAD file for you.

How it works

3D laser scanning is used to produce a highly accurate 3D representation of the part. With our broad range of scanning equipment we can scan anything from large buildings capturing an accuracy of +/-2mm, to smaller components such as statues, impellers or even jewellery with an accuracy of +/-0.06mm.

Using a combination of long range and short range scanners, we can scan larger items such as buildings or vehicles and still achieve high levels of accuracy in areas of interest or intricate detail.

The laser scanning kit is extremely portable and we take on assignments both here in the UK and internationally.

Scanned image before using the Haptic Device

Scanned image after using the Haptic Device

We don’t just scan

Impossible Creations isn’t just a 3D scanning company, once your new CAD file is created, talk with our experts about our 3D modelling and 3D printing services. We can get your design ready for that all important presentation.


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